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I started the shop as an artist cooperative in 2018, while also working as a wholesale coffee roaster for the restaurants in my community. I built the coffeeshop in 2021 in the heart of the Historic Corolla Village. My journey in art began at a very early age. I earned a degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in painting at the University of Kansas. I was a freelance artist for a catalogue in Chicago, and a textile manufacturer creating handmade rugs. I worked awhile in corporate sales before starting a mural business in Kansas City. I moved to the Outer Banks in 2004 and began my artistic journey on the coast. I had a handmade jewelry shop in Duck, NC. until 2012. Coffee & Art has been my life in the Outer Banks for the last 20 years, and I wouldn't change a thing! If you aren't able to visit in person please take a scroll through our online shop. I adore local art and hope my shop brings as much joy to you as it does me!!! If you are interested in some of my work, please scroll down. I kindly thank you for your support!

Stay Kind,


A M Y   K N O C H   A R T

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